Luna was my student for both the Rails and Specialization modules during her apprenticeship at Bloc. She is one the most organized and ambitious students I've ever taught. Before every mentor session, she would send me a detail agenda of what she wanted to cover so our meetings were focused and productive. Luna is a rare mix of soft skills and technical know-how. She would be an excellent choice for a product manager, developer or support engineer.

Lead Ruby Developer at The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

Luna Kang is a highly organized and team-oriented professional. She excels at managing change amongst ambiguity. Luna shines bright when it comes to nurturing a supportive community during the often stressful and fragile nature of organizational change. Her focus, professionalism and collaborative approach has propelled change initiatives forward at Nike.

Project Manager at Nike

I had the great pleasure of working with Luna on a contract that called for her to coordinate the activities of several people in several locations, ensure that the work product being developed by them was captured in a clear and consistent manner, and that the data could then be quickly analyzed and presented to the client. In addition, she is a pleasure to work with, a great team player, and always offers recommendations for improving the interaction with clients and the products to be delivered.

Senior Manager at LanguageLine Solutions

She is a very hard working individual with excellent analytical skills. Luna is well versed with industry standards like APIP and QTI, her concepts are very clear thus she connects very well with Business and Engineering teams during discussions.

Engineering Lead at CTB/McGraw-Hill

I have seldom worked with someone who is as organized, strategic, and efficient as Luna. She is one of those rare gems who can quietly organize an entire fleet of people to navigate large projects to completion, even under extreme duress and impossible deadlines. She's also a great morale booster who always keeps the interests of her team in mind.

Editorial Quality Assurance Specialist at CTB/McGraw-Hill